The Ultimate Hike and Snorkel Adventure: The Island of Kauai in Hawaii

Most people don’t think about hiking and snorkeling in the same breath.  They’re usually two different things that need to be done in two separate locations.

Not if you live in Hawaii, though.

There are probably hundreds of good spots to snorkel in the State of Hawaii that takes a little bit of a hike to get to.  However, if you’re looking for a decent “through” hike and a snorkel adventure at the same time, then hiking the Napali Coast on Kauai is your dream destination.

A couple of our friends are doing this trek in a few weeks and they laid out a little bit of what they’ll be doing.

Kalalau Trail

This is an 11 mile hike one way that ends at a beach called Kalalau where they’ll be snorkeling for a day and then heading back after spending two night.  (So, one day in, camp, snorkel the next day, camp…and then turn around the 2nd morning.

This isn’t a “tourist hike”, either.  (that’s what we call walks that are billed as “hikes” for tourism and marketing purposes.  This is an ACTUAL hike.

The challenge of the Kalalau Trail is not without some serious dangers and the trail will play upon your body and mind.

The trail literally tracks along uneven cliffs with sheer drops.

Why Snorkel and Hike?

Our friends seem to be the kind of couple that doesn’t just want to camp and enjoy the rest after a long hike…they want more adventure on the “other side of the curtain” (as they call it).  They’re not adrenaline junkies but they are “experience junkies”.  LOL  They hate when we call them that.

And, yes, carrying extra gear into an area just adds to the toll on the body and mind.

What to Pack?

We asked them and they said, “Everything you need for a through hike PLUS snorkel gear”.  Okay, wiseguys…well, we know what kind of hiking stuff you need but where did you get any idea on the type of snorkel gear that’ll be best?

They told us about a page that has a great snorkel gear buying guide and you’ll notice that the page even has a subject that covers travel sized snorkel fins…which is what our friends opted for.  Other than that, they said full face snorkels masks, fins, towels, and mask defogger.  They both know how to swim but they also got inflatable snorkel vests so they could do more relaxing on the water than physical exertion since the hike is going to take a lot of out of them.


We can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pics and videos that come out this trip they have planned.  We wish them a great and safe trip to Hawaii to snorkel and hike the Napali Coast.  We’ll be sure to post an update once they’re back from their trip.