Safety Tips When Camping In a Hammock

Couple laying together in hammock while camping

Camping in a hammock is a top choice for several adventure travelers since they are durable and lightweight. You can virtually set it anywhere and engross yourself in the beauty of nature. However, to set up your hammock for a comfortable experience and to ensure camping safety, some precautions must be taken.

Here are some Hammocking Safety Tips:

  • Before you hanging your hammock, check your equipment. Ensure there aren’t any defects or signs of substantial wear on the suspension or the hammock. (reference)
  • When picking a hammock spot,use a strong trees that can bear your weight. You should void saplings as they can bend and cause damage to your precious camping tent.
  • stay away from dead trees since they can snap under the weight. Also, ensure that you don’t set up your hammock underneath dead branches. This is especially crucial When camping in the winter When ice and snow accrue on the branches.
  • To ensure camping safety, Avoid hanging your hammock above sharp rocks. While falls are unlikely, keeping an eye out for any hazards that may be on the ground is always helpful.
  • For optimum comfort, ensure you hang the hammock ropes at a 30 degree angle. This will give you the perfect center of gravity for stability and can withstand even the strongest wind.
  • Always lie diagonally. Lying in line with the trees can curve your spine a little too much and toss you off balance.
  • Ensure you have a mosquito net and a tarp to protect yourself from bugs and other biting insect that might be out there to destruct your camping experience. Today, many hammocks come with the mosquito net and the tarp.


Hammocks are a simple, easy to use, comfortable, and versatile way of camping. When camping in a hammock, you are guaranteed of a sweet, warm and different experience each day. However, basic comfort and safety are vital to enjoying a truly relaxing camping trip.